Isabella Selder plays Rossiniana No.1 by Mauro Giuliani
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Durata: 16 minuti 40 secondi
Autore: Stefan Schmidt
Data pubblicazione: 06/07/2012
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German guitarist Isabella Selder interprets Rossiniana No.1 op. 119 by Mauro Giuliani. This video was made in St. Stefan, Friedberg in September of 2011. Guitar: Nicolaus Wollf 2007 Further information:

You please me. You ...
You please me. You are a pure delight to hear and to behold. Very well done. The king's wish is that you continue with your craft.
Quite beautifully ...
Quite beautifully played.
You are amazing! ...
You are amazing! This one of my favorite pieces, you nailed it. Julian Bream is now not the king of this piece. WOW!
Steve Brown21/11/2013
Technically and ...
Technically and musically nice playing, bravo!
Jouni Takalo05/03/2014
Your playing of ...
Your playing of that piece just expresses so many feelings. I hope you share a lot more with us.
Jay Gutknecht31/05/2014
the same Isabella ...
the same Isabella video 1998 ! very good 
Thanks a lot for ...
Thanks a lot for all the comments! It's a great feeling to know that the interpretation is appreciated by people throughout the world...which motivates a lot to continue with new projects:) 
Isabella Selder24/04/2014
I'm no musician-- ...
I'm no musician--but every guitarist I have seen of this status, played to sheet music. How on earth does she memorise this complex music ??
Philip Croft26/05/2013
здорово играет!!!
здорово играет!!!
none of these ...
none of these comments can put in words this amazing human being.
Vassos Demetriou24/05/2013
great touch and ...
great touch and feel!
absolutely ...
absolutely wonderful, great camera, lovely setting, fantastic sound quality from the mic and superb musicianship and interpretation. what a woman, Ich habe mich verliebt!!
Muita linda e ...
Muita linda e talentosa! Perfect! Wonderful!
Jairo Lucena25/11/2012
Bravo! bravo! Well ...
Bravo! bravo! Well done. Good technique and exquisite interpretation. Thanks for sharing it with us. :)
Nicholas x25/03/2013
Muy hermosa....
Muy hermosa....
Ana Palindromica09/09/2013
Armildo Uzeda03/11/2013
Tocas como un ángel ...
Tocas como un ángel... Gracias!, me has inspirado
Beatriz Ahumada23/03/2013
EASILY the best ...
EASILY the best performance I've ever heard of this piece. All of a sudden it's great music and not just an exercise in speed and machismo. A little femininity is needed in that piece. Finally a player that gives us that but who can still light it up when it's appropriate. The dynamics are breath taking. She slows some of the runs just enough to make them interesting, not just a blur of speed. David Russell could learn a lot from this video. Ya, why no recordings???
I love u Isabella
I love u Isabella
one of the best ...
one of the best interpretations of Guiliani's masterpiece
Liam Pike16/06/2013
Très belle ...
Très belle interprétation! pleine de musicalité! Bravissimo!
yeah I agree.Ana ...
yeah I agree.Ana Vidovic and Sharon Isbin play a little too frantically for my liking.They both seem to play too tensed up. Segovia plays like a very well contented 80year old man.Isabella seems to bridge that gap nicely and is now my favorite player.
Oh they're hiding ...
Oh they're hiding it, now I get it!
So beautiful and so ...
So beautiful and so music..